Ralph is the fourth generation on his family’s 138-year-old farm in St. Charles, MN.  Ralph and Mena raised the fifth generation, Cliff and Seth. Seth – works with him to keep it going today.  Cliff - operates Novel Energy Solutions, a family business dedicated to generating renewable energy.  

Ralph has been active in the agriculture industry his entire life. From trade missions on several continents to leading ag groups to Cuba. Ralph signed the first contract to export Minnesota agricultural products to Cuba since the embargo. 


Cliff graduated Cum Laude from Georgetown University with a double major in Finance and Accounting. Cliff is the founder of Novel Energy Solutions (NES). He is married to Bailee and enjoys spending time on the farm to get away from the cities. 

Seth graduated from South Dakota State University with a major in Animal Science. Seth worked as a cattle buyer for Lanesboro Sales Commission for 3 years before returning home to manage the farm full time. He is married to Shelby who grew up on a family farm in Minnesota Lake, MN raising Maine Anjou cattle (Radke Cattle Co.). Seth and Shelby share a strong passion for the livestock industry and look forward to transitioning on to the farm full time. 

Feel free to stop by any time to look at our cattle. 


Mena, Cliff, Bailee, Phenix, Shelby, Creed, Seth, Ralph